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Getting Started With the Discord Developer Web destination

The Discord Developer Portal lets you quickly and easily publish your video games, bots, and other applications to the Discord platform. It’s a great way to get your creations observed by Discord users, helping you increase your community.

Getting going

Before you can start using the Discord Developer Portal to build your application, you will need a Discord account and a token gain access to it. We all recommend that you use a secure username and password manager designed for storing your tokens, because they are highly sensitive and should certainly not be distributed to anyone.

Android Tokens

The bot token is a special OAuth2 token that your app uses to authenticate while using Discord API. It holds your entire bot user’s permissions, therefore make sure to store it anywhere safe (like a password manager).

OAuth2 Accord for Post

Once you have your app ready to utilization in the Discord client, it has time to set it up on your machine and invite it to your team. You’ll need to check the Control Server agreement box on your own Discord bill to be able to make this happen.

OAuth2 Entrance Connections

Our servers apply websocket links for mailing and receiving current events from the app, that are sent via the Discord Gateway. These connections are persistent and stateful, nevertheless there are a few items your iphone app must do to keep them start and working correctly.


The Discord Gateway sends periodic heartbeats on your app to be able to let it realize that it still has a connection start. Each heartbeat time period is a period of milliseconds (see Opcodes and Status Codes for more information).

Privileged Intents

Verified software must enable privileged intents inside their settings ahead of they can use these people. Unverified apps can use happy intents not having approval, but will need to apply for them after their verification position changes.

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